08 August, 2015

day five

Dan made it to CA safely and he and his bff/road-trip buddy are still hanging out even when they don't have to, so the trek was a success!  He's in our hometown right now, picking up old furniture, and seeing family.

{they are having fun without me which is just rude I tell you}
I've been occupying myself with Journal* duties (and wine)**.  I also happened to keep all the best rom-coms we have in our collection and a couple dramas (also some sports movies because Dan HATES sports movies but I am a sucker for them all and get the chills whenever the protagonist team wins), so I've got that going for me.

I promised myself at the end of 2L that I would splurge on a nice massage.  But then work started and Dan got his job and things were just a bit crazy.  So when I finally was able to schedule it, I decided to schedule it for after Dan left because I knew I would seriously miss all the back scratches that I force him to give me.  You know, because there's nothing like paying someone to give you physical affection. At least its not a hooker, right? Am I right?  Regardless, that massage is happening this evening and I am so ridiculously excited.

In order to keep focused on the positive, I've downloaded myself a little countdown app and I've put in all the various dates that we know we'll see each other.  FIFTEEN DAYS until I see that man I love.  Yep, cheesy. Deal with it.

{it's called dreamdays and its cute}

*Have I explained "Journal" in this place?  Well, it's just the most horrendous scam they have going in law school.  Everyone competes in the first year to be placed on a journal.  Most schools have multiple journals but every school has Law Review (the creme de la creme of journals).  I didn't make Law Review, I'm on a secondary journal.  And it is just a load of horseshit.  "Do it," they tell you.  "Employers will wonder why not..." They say.  I CALL CRAP.  Not one employer has asked me about it and the workload blows and if you are a 1L and you do not think you'll make Law Review: DON'T DO IT.  It's not worth it.

**Drinking even a solitary glass of wine by myself feels weird.  But I do it anyway.

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