04 August, 2015

Day One

Dan got a new job.

In Los Angeles.

Which, it is, it's good.  Because we want to be back on the best coast and having jobs usually facilitates that.  But, I'm not done with school.

So, Dan packed up his stuff and a U-Haul and hooked the Ranger Danger up and pulled out before sunrise this morning with his best friend from childhood.  (Cue all the the Dumb and Dumber road trip scenes/quotes/Mockingbird sing-a-longs.)  Meanwhile, I'm still here in this basement apartment.

{and just when we found the ONLY good Mexican food in Arlington, VA}

We split the kitties.  I kept Houston, duh, and Dan took Athena.

All of his stuff is gone, and it's pretty heartbreaking.  Because he's my person.  He's my best friend.  And my fiercest advocate.  And my chicken tikka masala maker.  And, usually, he cleans the bathroom.

{is this not the greatest anniversary gag gift ever?}

This sucks already, and it's only the first day.  Not even a whole day.  And while I feel like a big ole baby for crying about this, I just hate that for the next nine months we'll call different cities home.  We'll see each other, and talk everyday, and maybe try that sexting thing those young kids are doing these days, but it just sucks, ok?

I ate some Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner in an effort to eat my feelings.  It was unsurprisingly helpful.

{don't mind me as I lounge around in Dan's shirts and mope. #feminism}

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