19 May, 2015

Round deux

The thing about Whole30 is that, no matter how good, how incredibly seasoned my taco filling piled on top of a bed of lettuce is, I still want to slather it in grated cheddar cheese and sour cream. (Daisy, duh. Sour cream standards.)

Alas, here I am doing a second round of Whole30 and, while it is so much easier this time around, I already hate it. I WANT CHEESE. 

Also, I started last Monday and already cheated. I know, I KNOW, but I was attacked by a bird on my Friday morning walk to work. Yep, a freaking bird. I was just walkin along, minding by own business when I heard this terrible screeching and I saw wings flapping, to my left, out of the corner of my eye. It grabbed my shoulder with its claws - I was wearing a sweater, thank God, or else I would've gone straight to the nearest doctor to be tested for rabies or bird flu. And it proceeded to follow me for about 5-10 feet, all the while the most horrible noise was blaring out of its tiny little beak. 

I, of course, reacted calmly screamed loudly and started running awkwardly in my work clothes and my huge purse. I'm sure people were like, what is wrong with that girl? And I was just over here like, no big deal, I just lived The Birds. Now I know why people found that movie so scary. 

Then, on my way to meet up with Dan and some friends, birds kept darting out of the bushes in front of me and I couldnt stop flinching and fearing that one of them would turn on me and pluck my eyes out.

All that to say, I deserved a glass of wine. But, be proud that I still declined the basket full of sourdough bread (literally, my favorite type of bread). I didn't count it against me and I don't think you should either because that's what friends do. Plus, my goal this time around isn't so much the vegetable consumption part, I pretty well stuck to that after the first round. My goal this time is to make sure I fit into a bridesmaid dress I bought about a month after the first round. The weight loss part of this program is real. Eff my life.

{another selfie: snooze, but does anyone else have a boob that is considerably larger than the other?}

17 May, 2015

two-thirds through

{Do I look professional?}

My second year of law school is over and I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. I remember the first few days, meeting the people who would become some of my closest friends, who understand every second of the experience of law school. I remember taking my photo id and sending the picture to my grandma and how she responded with such pride and encouraging words. I remember going to my first few classes and feeling like the professors were speaking in another language and feeling like a fraud for being around all these smart people.

Now, law school is somewhat old hat. I know the drill: read, outline, test, repeat. The process doesn't scare me anymore, though I still get that flushed feeling in my stomach when a professor calls my name and my heart beats three times fast the whole time I'm on call and I probably drink more water in that 15-minute quick-fire than I do in the whole 55-minute class. 

Second year was less about fear and more focused on stamina. The tasks piled on (voluntarily, of course, because we're all masochists) and I struggled to juggle it all. Searching for a summer job was exhausting and felt all encompassing and I loathe the process of looking for a permanent job, though I think the experience I had this year will help me when the time comes. Second year was tiring. 

Dan is on the fence, but I think my stress-outs (like freak outs but worse) got better by the second semester of second year. I had a couple, because that's just me during finals, but overall, I felt like I knew what I was doing and came into a c'est la vie kind of existence. Which seems to have worked out so far. 

This summer feels less like summer and more like an extension of being a law student. I know, I know, summers as I knew them will never exist again, and that is a little bitter-sweet. I will say, I feel more sure of the future in this moment than I have in months and that is a good feeling. There are some big things and changes coming up the pipeline for us, but for now it's slowing down, if only a little, and, if nothing else, at least I don't have to take exams at the end of the summer. 

{This is how I celebrated my last final: brut rosé and shack shack. Classy.}

14 March, 2015

A quilt for Norge

Another dear friend is having a baby! They live in Norway so this is the furthest I've ever sent a quilt. I'm pretty excited about having a well-traveled quilt in my repertoire. 

This is the first baby girl I've ever had the pleasure of making a quilt for. All my other friends appear to breed only boys. Which, I mean, I love baby boys, of course, but as one of four daughters there is a special place in my heart for little girls. I don't know. Can't explain it. I'm just plain excited for them!

Audrey has an awesome color scheme going for the baby's room. Unfortunately, I knew the room was going to feature lots of color but I had to buy the fabric before I knew exactly what her color palette was going to be (I guessed off of those camping prints that I had seen her post previously). Oh well, the backing of this quilt is neutral so it won't be a big deal and it can always be used for picnics and laps and whatever. 

I just loved making this quilt. It was the first time I'd ever used triangles. Not triangles made out of squares. I think the colors turned out nice with each other (that was a crapshoot too because I ordered the fabric on fabric.com and couldn't see it all in my hand before the fact). This was my inspiration for color and style though I chose isoscoles triangles instead. I love the binding. I went with a stripe and I think it is a nice contrast. 

It's pretty large. Measuring at about 45x60+ inches (if I remember correctly). The largest one I've quilted myself, for sure. I'm hoping the Hazelnut gets use out of it for years to come!

Also, my cats helped: 

09 March, 2015

Vegas, baby, Vegas!!

Errybody on my Facebook was like "Woo! Spring Break in [bahamas/mexico/so cal/vegas]!!" And I was just here lounging in leggings and hanging on my couch. But, to be honest, it was bliss. Law school and interning take it out of me. It's been pretty great having no big plans and no where to be. Needless to say, I didn't go to Vegas.

My Spring Break in a nutshell:

(1) I started {and finished} House of Cards, season three. No spoilers, but I liked it better than season two though the end was kinda daytime soap, ya know?

(2) Attended my first ever Soul Cycle class. My first ever spin class, really. It was intense. And loud. And fun. My bff here does it all the time and she is so good at it. I, apparently, can barely keep a beat going. No wonder I never took to dancing. 

(2) I finished a crafty project I'd been slowly working on for a month. I'll share more deets lata.

(3) Houston has this horrible thing going on under his chin which I just noticed - I'm probably the worst cat mom. He didn't appear to be in pain but it looked gross. Took him to the vet, which he hated, but we got him some meds and some ointment and I think he's gonna make it. Poor guys has to deal with two-a-day face washes but once a day he gets a pill in a salmon flavored pill pocket so we're gonna call it even. 

(4) SNOW DAY!! Thursday was a snow day!! Which means Dan got to stay home with me all day

(5) Dan was like: "Let's celebrate Purim." And I was like, "I'm down to party." Usually our recognition of Jewish holidays is limited to eating latkes and lighting the menorah during Hanukah but I'm always down to expand my cultural experiences. Dan's mom sent this really sweet story about her memories celebrating Purim with family down in LA. Carrying on traditions is fun. I made hamantaschen (the chocolate rum kind) and they were de-lish. Also, my first box of wine. So, there's that.

(6) On Friday I looked at Dan and said, "We should do something this weekend. It is Spring Break. I should do something." "Sure, what do you want to do?" Dan asked. "Well, I don't know. Something." I replied. So, the Planetarium it was. And drinks after, of course.

(7) I had two Skype dates this week. One with a friend from California and the other with a friend in Norway. I love catching up with people and need to do it way more often.

(8) I made paleo pancakes. I think I nearly perfected it by the end there.

31 December, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

It's a few days late, but here it is nonetheless - our Christmas Card. I love Christmas mail. Adore it. It is so fun to get. Our entire fridge is covered in well wishes and beautiful family pictures and since I frequent the refrigerator more often than your average bear, I am consistently mandated to enjoy myself, prosper, and be merry. Fantastic reminders and I endeavor to take their advice.

We spent the holiday here in D.C. by our lonesomes, but it wasn't really all that lonesome. We missed our families but we did Christmas by ourselves in NC a few years back and, while it isn't home, it is cherished because it's us.

I thought a bit guilty as I though I should be more sad, not being in California for Christmas, but I also felt really content because I love that Dan is my family. We are at home wherever the other is and I feel so comfortable in this environment. Again, and not to beat a dead horse, but it's not that I didn't miss my family and the traditions, of course I did. I missed our cookie making extravaganzas, our Christmas morning brunches and present opening, and our big family dinner. I missed walking around Deacon Dave's who every year does an incredible Christmas light display (not kidding, better than any Christmas display you have ever seen. I dare you to find better.). I miss those things. They are so entertained with Christmas.

But. But, Dan and I have a good thing and sometimes lounging on the couch, drinking mimosas all day long, and having chorizo con papas for breakfast is just the kind of Christmas you want even if you didn't know it. It was different and wonderful.

Anyway, enough about that. The New Year is coming! 2015: the year I will turn 27 (Dan turns 32!), finish my second year of law school, start my third year of law school, and... those are the only things I know for sure. 2014 had its rough patches that we trudged our way through and it had some wonderful moments with family and friends. I'm hoping that 2015 is smooth sailing. For auld lang syne!