20 October, 2015

Blakely Island

If I were to pick a favorite place in the world this would probably be it. Add to that a guy I hadn't seen in a month? Well, that's just about heaven. Hiking, bonfires, fresh crab, and boat trips. I even read a whole book (not of the legal variety!) over the weekend.

If I had one complaint, which, really, I shouldn't complain, it would just be that it was too short. I can't wait to get back there.

Oh, and Dan swore into the Washington Bar! Operation Seattle-sometime-in-the-future has commenced!

08 August, 2015

day five

Dan made it to CA safely and he and his bff/road-trip buddy are still hanging out even when they don't have to, so the trek was a success!  He's in our hometown right now, picking up old furniture, and seeing family.

{they are having fun without me which is just rude I tell you}
I've been occupying myself with Journal* duties (and wine)**.  I also happened to keep all the best rom-coms we have in our collection and a couple dramas (also some sports movies because Dan HATES sports movies but I am a sucker for them all and get the chills whenever the protagonist team wins), so I've got that going for me.

I promised myself at the end of 2L that I would splurge on a nice massage.  But then work started and Dan got his job and things were just a bit crazy.  So when I finally was able to schedule it, I decided to schedule it for after Dan left because I knew I would seriously miss all the back scratches that I force him to give me.  You know, because there's nothing like paying someone to give you physical affection. At least its not a hooker, right? Am I right?  Regardless, that massage is happening this evening and I am so ridiculously excited.

In order to keep focused on the positive, I've downloaded myself a little countdown app and I've put in all the various dates that we know we'll see each other.  FIFTEEN DAYS until I see that man I love.  Yep, cheesy. Deal with it.

{it's called dreamdays and its cute}

*Have I explained "Journal" in this place?  Well, it's just the most horrendous scam they have going in law school.  Everyone competes in the first year to be placed on a journal.  Most schools have multiple journals but every school has Law Review (the creme de la creme of journals).  I didn't make Law Review, I'm on a secondary journal.  And it is just a load of horseshit.  "Do it," they tell you.  "Employers will wonder why not..." They say.  I CALL CRAP.  Not one employer has asked me about it and the workload blows and if you are a 1L and you do not think you'll make Law Review: DON'T DO IT.  It's not worth it.

**Drinking even a solitary glass of wine by myself feels weird.  But I do it anyway.

04 August, 2015

Day One

Dan got a new job.

In Los Angeles.

Which, it is, it's good.  Because we want to be back on the best coast and having jobs usually facilitates that.  But, I'm not done with school.

So, Dan packed up his stuff and a U-Haul and hooked the Ranger Danger up and pulled out before sunrise this morning with his best friend from childhood.  (Cue all the the Dumb and Dumber road trip scenes/quotes/Mockingbird sing-a-longs.)  Meanwhile, I'm still here in this basement apartment.

{and just when we found the ONLY good Mexican food in Arlington, VA}

We split the kitties.  I kept Houston, duh, and Dan took Athena.

All of his stuff is gone, and it's pretty heartbreaking.  Because he's my person.  He's my best friend.  And my fiercest advocate.  And my chicken tikka masala maker.  And, usually, he cleans the bathroom.

{is this not the greatest anniversary gag gift ever?}

This sucks already, and it's only the first day.  Not even a whole day.  And while I feel like a big ole baby for crying about this, I just hate that for the next nine months we'll call different cities home.  We'll see each other, and talk everyday, and maybe try that sexting thing those young kids are doing these days, but it just sucks, ok?

I ate some Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner in an effort to eat my feelings.  It was unsurprisingly helpful.

{don't mind me as I lounge around in Dan's shirts and mope. #feminism}

19 May, 2015

Round deux

The thing about Whole30 is that, no matter how good, how incredibly seasoned my taco filling piled on top of a bed of lettuce is, I still want to slather it in grated cheddar cheese and sour cream. (Daisy, duh. Sour cream standards.)

Alas, here I am doing a second round of Whole30 and, while it is so much easier this time around, I already hate it. I WANT CHEESE. 

Also, I started last Monday and already cheated. I know, I KNOW, but I was attacked by a bird on my Friday morning walk to work. Yep, a freaking bird. I was just walkin along, minding by own business when I heard this terrible screeching and I saw wings flapping, to my left, out of the corner of my eye. It grabbed my shoulder with its claws - I was wearing a sweater, thank God, or else I would've gone straight to the nearest doctor to be tested for rabies or bird flu. And it proceeded to follow me for about 5-10 feet, all the while the most horrible noise was blaring out of its tiny little beak. 

I, of course, reacted calmly screamed loudly and started running awkwardly in my work clothes and my huge purse. I'm sure people were like, what is wrong with that girl? And I was just over here like, no big deal, I just lived The Birds. Now I know why people found that movie so scary. 

Then, on my way to meet up with Dan and some friends, birds kept darting out of the bushes in front of me and I couldnt stop flinching and fearing that one of them would turn on me and pluck my eyes out.

All that to say, I deserved a glass of wine. But, be proud that I still declined the basket full of sourdough bread (literally, my favorite type of bread). I didn't count it against me and I don't think you should either because that's what friends do. Plus, my goal this time around isn't so much the vegetable consumption part, I pretty well stuck to that after the first round. My goal this time is to make sure I fit into a bridesmaid dress I bought about a month after the first round. The weight loss part of this program is real. Eff my life.

{another selfie: snooze, but does anyone else have a boob that is considerably larger than the other?}

17 May, 2015

two-thirds through

{Do I look professional?}

My second year of law school is over and I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. I remember the first few days, meeting the people who would become some of my closest friends, who understand every second of the experience of law school. I remember taking my photo id and sending the picture to my grandma and how she responded with such pride and encouraging words. I remember going to my first few classes and feeling like the professors were speaking in another language and feeling like a fraud for being around all these smart people.

Now, law school is somewhat old hat. I know the drill: read, outline, test, repeat. The process doesn't scare me anymore, though I still get that flushed feeling in my stomach when a professor calls my name and my heart beats three times fast the whole time I'm on call and I probably drink more water in that 15-minute quick-fire than I do in the whole 55-minute class. 

Second year was less about fear and more focused on stamina. The tasks piled on (voluntarily, of course, because we're all masochists) and I struggled to juggle it all. Searching for a summer job was exhausting and felt all encompassing and I loathe the process of looking for a permanent job, though I think the experience I had this year will help me when the time comes. Second year was tiring. 

Dan is on the fence, but I think my stress-outs (like freak outs but worse) got better by the second semester of second year. I had a couple, because that's just me during finals, but overall, I felt like I knew what I was doing and came into a c'est la vie kind of existence. Which seems to have worked out so far. 

This summer feels less like summer and more like an extension of being a law student. I know, I know, summers as I knew them will never exist again, and that is a little bitter-sweet. I will say, I feel more sure of the future in this moment than I have in months and that is a good feeling. There are some big things and changes coming up the pipeline for us, but for now it's slowing down, if only a little, and, if nothing else, at least I don't have to take exams at the end of the summer. 

{This is how I celebrated my last final: brut rosé and shack shack. Classy.}