09 January, 2017

Well, look who just caught up.

It's practically defunct over here but this blog's not going out without a Zombieland-esque Bill-Murray-Death-Sigh-scene, so let's get on with it.

Some major events in the last year (year, guys. yikes.):

1. I graduated law school. That was a good one

2. I moved to Los Angeles so Dan and I could finally live like real married people again. 

3.  We survived me studying for and taking the California Bar exam. And by survived I mean I ate all the mac and cheese and drank all cab sauv I could find. 

4. The Herrington-Xep circus took Disneyland which was pretty epic because we hadn't all been there since 2009.

5. My favorite jeans busted on the inner thigh - the ultimate jean death knell. Because, of course. And I'd only had them for like 18 months. But to be fair, I wore them like 4-6 times in a week. Those poor seams just couldn't take it. 

6. Dan and I went to Scotland and Ireland in August and I am still trying to figure out ways for us to move to the Highlands because I want to die there someday, but not before I've lived there. I read Outlander before we went on the trip and all of my Sassenach dreams came true (praise hand emoji). 


8. I got a job working for a firm based in Seattle which moved us one step closer to our Pacific-Northwesterner-wannabe dreams. But for now, still in Los Angeles and working that remote-job life. 

9. I started training for a half-marathon and proceeded to make everyone train with me (aunt, dad, sister, sisters boyfriend, long-lost cousins, sister-in-law... basically I'm needy and require lots of motivation). Fun fact - that is likely only fun for me - I've run over 90 miles since November in preparation for this race. 

P.S. I've been using this training plan and I really like it so far! I printed it out put it on my fridge door. 

10. My cat had some digestive/health issues and began pooping EVERYWHERE. We got him help and he's physically better now but will not stop pooping on my kitchen floor. Seriously, I love that cat but he's an asshole. 

{yeah, he's a jerk but he's so handsome}
So, that's our year 2016 in a nut-shell. Here's to hoping the Republic doesn't burn to the ground with the new spray-tanned administration. Happy New Year, America!

04 April, 2016

I don't think that pig lizard was Gorignak

OMG Joshua Tree. Stop it. It's too much.

Apparently, Dan loves the desert. It calls to him. I'm more of a forest/mountain girl, myself, but I will say, this place killed me. The night skies. There is no comparison. They were amazing.

I may even get Dan (man who hates camping) to go back so long as we have a telescope in tow. The man is also really into stars and planets. It really hurt him that I didn't know all the planets and their order until I was 22. Leave me alone, I went to private bible school. I learned the books of the bible in order by song. Old Testament and New Testament.

I digress.

Joshua Tree was amazing. And I got my dad and baby sister to join us. Dad and I (the more adventurous of the four of us) decided to hike Ryan Mountain in the wee hours of the morning to watch the sunrise at the summit. About 2,000 vertical feet and a mile and a half later - and a couple disagreements on who was the speedracer of the two of us - we made it to the top in time to watch the sky change color and the sun come over the horizon.

We brought the little stove and french press and had ourselves a little father-daughter moment.

I can't say enough good things. Though I am exhausted and a red-eye the same day as you come back from camping is ill-advised. Pro-tip.

26 March, 2016

Oy with the poodles already

In the three years I've lived in DC, I've never gone down to the basin to see the cherry blossoms.  Finals always conflicted and I could never justify the time to get down to the Tidal Basin to snap a photo, soak in some sunshine, and enjoy the blooms.

This year, I don't know if it's the fact that finals aren't for a couple weeks (probably) or that I just care less (definitely), but my goal was to see the blossoms.  Preferably, I would see the sunrise over the blossoms.  So, on Friday I unintentionally woke up early and considered going back to sleep but then, in a drowsy state, I pro-conned the situation and realized that on an overcast, early Friday morning, it would probably not be too busy with tourists yet.

And I was right.

There were like maybe 100 people visible at any given time, maybe, and most of the time I didn't see anyone.  It was magic.  No crowds, cool air, and, oddly, no rain (they had predicted rain).  It was a little overcast so seeing the sunrise wasn't going to happen but I think maybe I preferred it this way.

I went again today with a girlfriend during peak tourist time and while the sun was bright and the sky was blue, the hordes made it a little difficult to enjoy.  Of course, the blossoms were still beautiful and more had bloomed in even the 30 hours that had passed since I was there, so it wasn't wasted.

All that to say, I get what all the hype was about.  Hats off, DC.

20 October, 2015

Blakely Island

If I were to pick a favorite place in the world this would probably be it. Add to that a guy I hadn't seen in a month? Well, that's just about heaven. Hiking, bonfires, fresh crab, and boat trips. I even read a whole book (not of the legal variety!) over the weekend.

If I had one complaint, which, really, I shouldn't complain, it would just be that it was too short. I can't wait to get back there.

Oh, and Dan swore into the Washington Bar! Operation Seattle-sometime-in-the-future has commenced!