16 October, 2014

plaid days

Somedays, not all days mind you, but some days I'm like, "Damn, self. You look good!" This was one of those days so of course I yelled, "Dan, quick! Come take a picture!" And he obliges because he's nice like that. But seriously, Gap is on its game with this dress. The skirt is lined, it's plaid, it has buttons and pockets. There is not much more this girl wants in a dress.

I bought black booties. I just did it. ASOS was having a mega sale and I couldn't help myself. To be fair, because I do a lot of my shopping online these days and because it is really easy to just click and buy, I generally make myself wait like 2-4 days from finding the item I want to actually purchasing. My rule of thumb is, if I still want to spend that money in 4 days then I can get it. It may seem trivial, like, duh, you put it in your cart you want it. But it's surprising what a few days of thinking can do. Long story short: I bought these booties. The brown heel. Swoon.

One of my favorite things about booties is that when I put them on I always sing "Big booty" which is like this really dumb game/song that I learned from years and years of church summer camps. I usually do a little booty dance and Dan laughs at me or rolls his eyes depending on how in the way I am in the booty-dancing process (getting ready in the morning is serious business, people!).

13 October, 2014

Sounds like hallelujah for the first time

1. I've been listening to the Head and the Heart on, like, repeat since my dad told me about them over the summer (he's very in the know). I had heard one or two songs on my Civil Wars pandora station but finally put a face to the sound and haven't stopped.

2. Does anyone else feel like lipstick is only for mythical people who have an incredible skin tone with which any lip color looks fantastic and not garish or clownish? Well, I was with you until I found out that lipsticks come in a berry color. At first I was like, what? But then I bought it and tried it on and was like, ahhh. Nailed it.

3. In the last month I have also dispelled the idea that I could not layer with sweaters. I'm short and curvy and it always just ended up looking frumpy. But then I randomly bought a cropped sweater from Target (of course, always), and layered it over a dress and all my layering dreams come true. Shorties: cropped sweaters were made for us. A whole new world is now open.

4. I've been playing with makeup lately. It's fun and I love it in a way I have never loved makeup before. My favorite has been attempting the dewy look which sounds gross but looks cool.

5. Also, along the make-up lines I found two things that I have only been using for a few days but I love them. The first is e.l.f. lip exfoliator (my lips get so chapped all the time and that little exfoliating lipstick is magic). The second is Botanics hydrating night cream all bright. It smells divine and it makes my skin so soft -- like soft until I wake up. THIS IS WHY I CAN'T GO TO TARGET ANYMORE.

6. I really really really want black booties. I gave into the ankle boot last fall but stuck with browns/tans and now I think I'm ready for black. See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. But, apparently I have expensive taste so I'll probably end up with these but really my favorite is option 1. Maybe I'll save my pennies.

7. I have so many exciting trips/things coming up in the next 45 days I can't stand it.

8. I am so so so blessed with the friends in my life. Things have been rough lately. Just a lot of shitty things all piling up at once #vaguepost. But I have friends in my life that take care of me and look out for me when they know I need a shoulder. I've been extraordinarily lucky to make some amazing friends in my life. Most are from home, childhood and high school, but in both Wilmington and here in DC, God has placed people in my life that I needed more than anything and I am so grateful for girlfriends.

9. School sucks.

xoxo, suckas.

13 September, 2014

The day I met Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Disclaimer: fangirling.

I met Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The notorious RBG.

She came to my school for a Constitution Day event they hold annually. Naturally, when a Supreme Court Justice comes, us law students go crazy.

Last year, they brought Scalia. This year, it was Ginsburg. Nice symmetry, the announcer said. And it is, I've heard they are friends in real life. Like, good friends. Despite their differing ideologies.

Anyway, how did I get to meet her?? Why was I so lucky? Well, I applied for a little research assistant position over the summer. Apparently, I chose wisely because my prof was the one who conducted the interview with RBG. 

I did some research for this event in particular and then she says, I'll get you VIP tickets. I'll get you on the list to meet her, she says.

To be honest, even just sitting two rows away from greatness would have been fantastic. The interview focused on women and the Constitution from the late 1800s to today. She deftly made her way through case after case, instances where women were treated as second class citizens and the landmarks when the Supreme Court gave women what they deserved: equal protection under the law. 

She even touched a bit on Hobby Lobby at the end and I really appreciated her in that moment. There wasn't a word against any of the justices. She calmly said: "As long as one lives, one can learn." She said her dissents are adamant and present for a reason. Some dissents of Justices Holmes and Brandeis have since become law which shows that where great minds differ there is room for growth and change. 

The interview only lasted an hour though I could have listened to her talk about her work with the ACLU and her arguments in front of the Supreme Court for hours. She was so instrumental in the fight for equal rights for women and to hear her speak on the subject was inspiring. 

So then I got to meet her. 

I got about 15 seconds in which my professor introduced me (they know each other from way back) and then I blathered on about researching and the Equal Rights Amendment. I wish I could say I had some really great question to ask her or that I dazzled her with my intelligent remarks but really it was nothing like that. 

I can't say I am really that disappointed in myself, it is Ruth Ginsburg, after all. Some hyperventilation was to be expected.

07 September, 2014

DIY ::: Spice Jars

So, like six months ago I was in Target and the dollar section beckoned me and I found these cute little jars. For, yep, a dollar a piece. {I tweeted my excitement - that's how life-changing this find was).

Well, duh: I bought ALL OF THEM. Literally cleared them out. They would be perfect for spice jars (because I've wanted to replace those janky plastic ones for, um, ever).

But, six months, and they were still in their plastic bags, tucked away into a kitchen cabinet because Law school.

That's not totally true. I also couldn't decide how I wanted to label them. Inportant decisions, people! So, add creatice indecisiveness to the list of reasons it took me six months to get my lazy butt in gear and just make the dang switch.

Well, in a moment of annoyance with myself and the fact that I had a shit-ton of jars just laying useless, taking up prime real estate in my already inadequately-sized kitchen, I was like, "Whatever, I'm going to do this and I'll just use masking tape for now. It's like washi tape, right? Isn't that hip to use?"

These are the conversations I have with myself. 

Anyway, I did it. I made the switch and I love them. They'll probably get more permanent labels later in life, but for now they're cute and functional AND they fit, standing up, in my spice drawer (the drawer I had previously stowed the lesser, plastic spice jars in). 


30 August, 2014

I'm really excited about 2L

It's great. I get to take classes and freak out about the job search. But the one actual nice thing about the second year of law school: there are people here that I know more than. They are called 1Ls. I used to be one and now I'm not. And I know more than them. It is a fleeting yet wonderful feeling.

There is one big sucky thing about 2L.

You see, in the first year of law school you are assigned to a section. This is the section of people you will take all of your classes with. There will be gunners* in you class but you get to know them. You know who they are. And in weird ways you might even like them. They are your gunners. Poor things.

In this new world of classes with people you have never met before you will have many new, numerous gunners. They will annoy the hell out of you and you feel no emotional connection to them because you didn't experience the hell of 1L with them. I spend a lot of my days glaring at these new people. And I am not subtle about it. 

Woot. 2L. I'm almost done, right?

*The Urban Dictionary definition of Gunner: "Law school cocksucker. I raise my hand just to tell my life experiences. I think I am smart but really have no life skills besides being a bigot and asshole. My opinion is the only one that counts. I am pretty sure I have been everywhere in the world. I am smarter and know more than my professors.I am in the bottom of my class. For some reason the teachers still call on me even though they know only my stupid fucking opinion is going to come out."