14 October, 2010


I need one. 
Mostly because I want to get this (the outfit, not the woman, although a friend in my vicinity would be nice):
In other news we got our washer/dryer rentals delivered today and they are up and running! Alas, there is only so much enjoyment one can get out of laundry and I believe I have experienced all that I can. 
So, I have applied to TONS of places, mostly retail but a few other places as well and apparently the fact that I will not be here over Christmas is unacceptable. I have already purchased my flight home so that is non-negotiable. AND most stores have their entire application process online so my winning smile and endearing demeanor does not seem to have a huge impact in the job-finding fiasco. 
Don't fret I have not given up hope, Dan is quick to remind me that I've only been searching for a little over 2 days. But hey, I've gotten some laundry done and I've hung some nice wall art up so at least I'm being productive. I wonder if "organizing and decorating the apartment" can be put on my resume...

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