03 November, 2011

wishful dancing

A few weeks ago I sent Dan this text: 

"Two things: 1. we should go to London for my Spring break. I can afford one ticket if I don't buy my camera and the other ticket and the other ticket will be all of our United points. Worth it? I think so. Our Christmas present to each other? 2. I have a fabulous idea that will make up for not going to the Jackson Browne concert with my fam. Hint: it includes a camera and us dancing to one of his songs. Don't worry, clothes are completely worn."

Obviously, the first one didn't happen -- I bought my camera and with that major car repair London doesn't look too likely. At all. BUT the second one, that one I got right here for ya. Mom, Dad, Jules, Annie? I'm extremely jealous that I won't be at the concert shaking it with you all. 

Just in case you were going to miss us while you were there, here's something to help ease the pain. 

p.s. I did my best Mom and Dad impressions! We are such good dancers. 

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