02 November, 2010

photo phun

My friend Brandilyn, who is probably the coolest person I know, began this photo challenge and I really like the idea so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon (kinda like all those "fans" of the Giants) -- on that note Congratulations Giants! 
So, the first photo is your facebook profile photo. (I have this really fun polaroid application on my mac that I am obsessed with so this entire endeavor will be in polaroid form.) I have had this picture up on facebook for a LONG time, about 4.5 months, but I really haven't taken another picture that I love as much as this one. 

At my wedding we had a photobooth set up and it was such a hit! I just think this picture is hilarious and goofy and pretty much sums up us. We find each other hilarious and I for one am ridiculously goofy (I blame my father). 

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