05 November, 2010


Day Four:
A Photo of the Last Place You Went on a Holiday

Our last "holiday" (what us common folk like to call a "vacation") was our honeymoon to Italy. This was my third european country and I was captivated. The food was incredible! I probably gained 5 pounds in the week and a half that we were there, but who cares? I had gnocchi for the first time and my life was changed forever. We loved walking around the Colosseum at night when all the other tourists had cleared out, it was beautiful with the soft lighting they had in the structure. I love walking through history, and while America has some pretty intense/cool history for the short time it's been a country, history that goes back thousands of years overwhelms and excites me. Also, I kept seeing Russell Crowe  in a short skirt and armor screaming "Are you not entertained?!" So many great memories from this "holiday."

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