11 November, 2010


Day Ten:
A Photo of You as a Baby

I never understood those scenes in sitcoms when the mom would pull out baby pictures in front of the love interest and the child of said mother would be so embarrassed that there is proof that he/she was a baby. I love baby pictures. I love my baby pictures. I think all little kids are adorable and if you wanted to see cute pictures of me I would show you in a heartbeat. Granted the cute pictures stop somewhere around 4th grade and then they just turn awkward until I turned about 17 years old and only really became presentable after high school. But baby pictures I love. Maybe it's because baby skin is clear and soft or because the clothes our parents put us in were questionable at best. Either way, I couldn't decide on which one I like better so I'm putting up both. 

My aunt was 20 when I was born and Julia and I became her dolls. She had so much fun dressing us up and taking pictures and from the looks of things I liked it too. But wow, can I BE wearing anymore jewelry?

And this one, well this one is just adorable. Also, I wanted to pay homage to my mother who really wanted to be a cool hippie-hipster and I think maybe that meant putting me in tie-dye. Notice the fabulous faux nature background, you can't tell but I'm sitting on a stool in a sand box setup -- because everyone knows the forest is the best place to find sand floors.

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