23 November, 2010

photophuntwentyone + twentytwo

While cooking dinner last night I burnt my right pinky finger in the oven so I ended up icing it all evening which led to me not putting up day twenty-one on time. So, here is yesterday and today:

Day Twenty-One:
A Photo of you Standing Up

How cute is this drawing? I had it done by an Etsy artist Nan Lawson (http://www.etsy.com/people/NanLawson). I love it. She draws little cartoon portraits. I had her draw Dan in his green uniform (that's my favorite uniform) and me in my orange, anthropologie dress, with a suitcase in between us obviously signifying the big move ahead of us. I had an 8x10 on our "guest book" table at our wedding. Oh yeah, and I'm standing up in it.

Day Twenty-Two:
A Photo of Your Town

I stole this picture off the internet but it'll be sufficient. Our downtown is pretty sweet. It reminds us of Portland, I think that's largely in part to the copious amounts of flannel and facial hair. There are some pretty sweet boutiques and restaurants. The only bummer is the metered street parking, lame. 


  1. I love the cartoon picture! Etsy shops have become my new obsession...I love looking at all the cool things people make :)

  2. There is so much great stuff on Etsy! So much of my wedding had etsy all over it :)