27 November, 2010


Day Twenty-Six:
A Photo of Your Favorite Weekend
I don't even know what it means to have a "favorite weekend." There are plenty of awesome recent ones: the wedding, the honeymoon, or my parents trip to NY. Alas, I have used all of those at least once in this little challenge so I did some photo research to remember a weekend I loved. Voila! Yosemite trip. I had such a blast with these people, and what better place can you visit than Yosemite? We rock climbed (you read that right: we climbed rocks) and we hiked, if I remember correctly, the Panorama trail. I love being outdoors and I love camping. It'll take a while for me to convince Dan to go camping since the last time he went he was 2 1/2 feet deep in snow! We'll get there though, I'm sure of it. I love good memories and this one I am quite fond of.

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