21 November, 2010

The South

Here are a few things I've learned so far while living in The South.

1.) Foods that were healthy at one point, lose all nutritional value once added to a southern dish, for example, Broccoli au Gratin (which is really just a fancy way of saying broccoli with lots cheese on it).
2.) Shoppers at work answer any question I ask them with "ma'am," I'm 22, when did I become a ma'am?
3.) When listening to a sermon at church you may experience a rousing, three minute long round of applause when the pastor makes a point that everyone is apparently really excited about (it was a really great point but I was just getting used to the "Amens!" that normally are associated with southern churches).
4.) It is completely normal for businesses to be closed on Sundays all over town, leading to Dan and I driving all over town trying to find a gas station that has no theological affiliation.

So far the south is yummy, polite, and encouraging, and closed when you just want them to be open (well you can't win them all.)

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