24 November, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

I love Thanksgiving. This is the first year ever that I will not be spending the holiday with my family, it's just too darn expensive to fly out twice in as many months. Thanksgiving is great for so many reasons: 
1. Turkey
2. Family
3. Leftover Turkey for sandwiches
4. Family Tradition: going to see a movie
5. Pie
This year Thanksgiving is great for a new reason: 
6. The military gave Dan a 6 day vacation!
He'll get bored by day 4 but I'm sure glad to have him around! Tomorrow we're going to spend thanksgiving with our new friends Pete and Lindsey + their cute little son, William. Remember that double chocolate strawberry goodness cake I made? I think I have that cake to thank for our invite to Thanksgiving dinner with their family ;) She's pretty much making all the big stuff but I wanted to help so I made cranberry sauce, apple pie and rolls:

I also am really excited for Christmas but we're not getting a tree for another week so instead I decided to make stockings. I found this super cute idea at MarthaStewart.com but my stupid hole punch wasn't working with me so instead they are just super plain, but they have bells! They're Christmas cheery, right?

On a side note, Dan played Scrabble with me today. This may seem like no big deal but Dan doesn't like playing Scrabble -- or maybe he just doesn't like playing Scrabble with me... Whatever, he won and I didn't even let him! He just won, all on his own. 

All in all, a very productive but very relaxing day. I can't wait for Turkey tomorrow. I may have even talked Dan into continuing the tradition of going to the movies tomorrow, we'll see. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?


  1. lol...your husband looks like he's trying hard to beat you at scrabble!

  2. :) I don't mean to brag, but I usually win -- I was not a very happy loser!

  3. SQUAT is an excellent Scrabble word! Nicely done.

  4. Ya I think I put down "Qua" and Dan changed it to "Squat" -- such a team.