15 December, 2010


I like airports, here's why: 1) it means you are going somewhere. I LOVE to travel. I wish I could travel all the time and everywhere, 2) you get to drink pretty much anytime. No one is going to judge you -- they don't know the hell you've been through, you could have been flying for 10 hours, stranded in an airport for 5 and just want to get home (that did not happen to me), THEY DON'T KNOW, ergo, no judgement, and 3) people watching is lush. I love to people watch -- so far watching hasn't been too interesting but I'll let you know what comes up. The only thing that sucks about this airport is that Dan isn't here with me -- he has already become number one travel buddy (he was a shoe-in for the position). At the risk of sounding like the person Lewis CK is talking about, the only frustrating thing about travel is that it can be a long process and it's completely out of your control. Being the one-car family that we are we decided that I would take the bus from Wilmington to Raleigh, the local transit in Raleigh to RDU, and then take the planes to Chicago and then on to California, easy plan, right? Well, we started off looking strong, woke up early, said goodbye at 7am in the bus depot, Dan headed to work and I sat waiting for my 8 o'clock bus. Then the 8 o'clock bus turned into an 8:30 o'clock bus because the bus had to "regenerate." I don't know what that means but it takes roughly a half hour. No big deal, slight delay -- head out at 8:30-ish. Before the next stop the problem starts again -- stop the bus, "regenerate" -- another 30 minutes. I didn't care too much since I had given myself plenty of time to get to Raleigh and when the bus driver said, "If you have a computer, we have wi-fi," I was pretty excited -- what better way to waste 3 hours on a bus? And then it doesn't work. (I know, "How quickly the world owes you something you knew existed only ten seconds ago." I know!) But really, I don't need wi-fi on my buses and planes. I did fine without them before -- but when my hopes are lifted in the anticipation of distraction from lame scenery and car sickness and then dashed because it's not actually available... I don't know, I'm starting to understand the sentiment. Other than that, the trip has been good thus far and I am so grateful and blessed to go to California -- I cannot wait to see my family! 

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