04 February, 2011

Baby's in black and I'm feelin blue

Dress: The Gap, Leggings: Target, Sweater: Target, Jacket: Target, Boots: Nordstrom
There is a Beatles song for every occasion. 
Dan is coming home tonight! This is why I thought I would wear a cute skirt or dress today -- unfortunately, there is a 70 percent chance that it is already raining. I made it work though, getting tired of seeing my boots yet? You're not? Good, because I am not tired of wearing them. They are like a cocoon for my feet. I wore all black today and I felt so... mysterious and sexy. Something about black just gives me an extra boost of confidence. Also, I am SO glad that coats do not count in the 30x30. 

V-day is only 10 days away! So, everyday until then I'm gonna give you a reason as to why my man is the best man. #1 
He is a fabulous kisser. Which is good because I think I am not so great a kisser (give me a break I've only been kissing for a year and a half -- I'm working on it). Not that Dan would ever tell me that I was a bad kisser. But I just love his kisses. Each and every smooch. Can you tell I've been missing him?


  1. I <3 black too, sometimes I have to actively steer myself away from black clothing (I agree, it does make you feel sexy). I really love your coat, it's so cute!

  2. Thanks, I got it from Target a couple years ago.

  3. You look so cheeky! It's the cutest thing :)
    Do I see a Mean Girls reference in this post?
    Love your coat - blue's my favourite colour!

  4. Totally a Mean Girls reference! love it :)

  5. Totally a Mean Girls reference! love it :)