07 February, 2011

"I'm soOoO tired, I haven't slept a wink..."

Shirt: Gap, Sweater: Target, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Gap

Do I look tired? I feel tired. See, I'm telling you, the Beatles never let me down when it  comes to entry titles.
I know. I should have put a belt on or something, ya know, amped up this simple outfit, but I was just too lazy and had to get to class.
 This weekend was wonderful. It was so lazy and perfect. After being apart for a week we just wanted to sleep-in together, cuddle on the couch, search for a coffee shop that had a table for us to sit at and then give up and decide that home was better. I got almost nothing done this weekend and it was amazing. I love spending time with Daniel.
AND my afternoon lit class was cancelled today! WOOHOO!
On another note, I was brainstorming giveaway prize ideas and I am so excited! Hopefully you will be too, so stay tuned in I'll post it in a few days!

Why my man is the best man #4
He kisses me on the forehead every morning before he goes to work. 


  1. you don't look tired, you look pretty. and i'm happy you're reunited with your man! such a happy feeling.

  2. Thanks Bran :) I'm happy too.