05 February, 2011

oh so crafty


I don't want to send these out. I don't want to put address stickers on them. But I will because I am not selfish. Maybe. I am just so proud of how they turned out. I wanted to make some valentines day cards for a few people and saw this cute idea for sewing lines on cards. No big deal, but I was really proud of them until I found this tutorial on how to make your own envelopes. and then I had the genius idea to use Anthropologie's magazine pages for my envelopes. I AM IN LOVE with these envelopes. Weird, right? Well, they are cute. AND it's a great way to be green and to have trendy cards/envelopes that no one else has.
 I. Am. So. Hip. (and. green.)


  1. so cute! I love the idea!

  2. Thanks! I was definitely proud of them :)