15 March, 2011

give it to me straight

All of this needs to be in our apartment. Now.
Spring break rocks.
We were driving to the book store after church on Sunday and I saw these antique-y furniture shops and I was so excited I almost made Dan stop right then! But then I realized that I had all this week to go explore. There were two shops and the first one I went to the lady was so nice and the selection was amazing and I just loved it. Who doesn't need a mosaic jester in their home? Don't act like you're not impressed. But I was on a mission. 
I have done absolutely no decorating in our bedroom:

This could be attributed to laziness or a serious lack of fundulation. Judging by the unmade bed, I'm gonna bet on the former. Either way, I decided we need a headboard, or something like it. I was going to make one but the whole project was going to run me about $400 dollars so that will be a project for the future me who has money to burn and a garage with a power saw. I decided to go for a more eclectic look and found some amazing shutters and windows and huge frames and doors and well, I just can't decide what to do. I'm taking the mister with me this week because I want to get his artistic opinion as well as the okay to spend what could be seen as enough money to necessitate the approval of both spouses -- at least in our starving-student little world. So guys, do me a solid and give me your honest opinion -- do you see any options that you love?


  1. I think the obvious answer is the first picture because it is one of your wedding colors :)

  2. :) i doooo love that color

  3. I have always LOOOOOOOVED the door-as-a-headboard idea, BUT they're heavy and make some pretty huge holes when hung. I love the shutter idea! Especially the first one! It's real purdy! ;)

  4. Yeah, doors are really heavy. I probably wouldn't hang it -- just let it stand behind... we'll see :)

  5. antique stores are always amazing! you can always find something beautiful and old, that you can't find hardly anywhere! and for cheap ;D

    my mum actually made her headboard out of a door! i snapped a picture to show you (mind the mess) http://i55.tinypic.com/2nlxtoh.jpg

    (also, thank you for sending me that lace shorts link! its lovely, i think i'll buy them!)

  6. thanks for the inspiration! Glad you liked the shorts!