29 April, 2011


Today I went to the Goodwill. I like thrifting in general but today I was on a mission. Dan needed a hawaiian shirt (meh) because next week we have a "mando fun" hawaiian themed party to go to. The military loves hawaiian theme. I have a dress that is beautiful and it had big flowers on it so I was going to pass it off as hawaiian. All I needed was to find Dan a shirt that would kinda "go" with it. The ones online were way to expensive to get for one party so off to the thrift store I went. Surprise surprise, none of the hawaiian shirts there in any way, shape, or form "went" with my dress. So, feeling a little bummed out I went to thrift in my section -- I deserved a treat for a job well-attempted. I found this shirt. Which oddly enough reminded me of Sydney's shirt (I'm almost positive it's the same one). So, I grabbed it to try on, thinking, "I'm not Sydney, this won't look good on me." And then. I loved it. Yep. And that sweater too. So, I guess you were right Aunt Laur, shoulder pads are cool. Oh! And I found a pretty sweet terrible hawaiian-ish dress which completely "went" with a men's hawaiian shirt in the store (oh, believe me, you'll see pictures later). Perfect day. And while I was channeling Sydney, Houston was channeling a big tiger. Look at his paws!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Cute blog,newest follower here.
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    Cheers to NC bloggers.

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  2. Yea NC! I'm originally from the West Coast but I am definitely enjoying my time out here. Thanks for checking out my blog :)