17 May, 2011


I got my final grades in the other day. Lowest grade? A-*
Needless to say we were pretty proud of my first semester at UNCW. So, Dan called yesterday while he was at work and said, "Let's go out to celebrate! Pick a restaurant." So, I scoured the internet for a little bit and realized that what I really wanted was a steak and a quiet evening at home. So, we grilled up my favorite red meat and enjoyed a yummy dinner over candlelight. And what celebration is complete without cheesecake? The correct answer is no celebration is complete without cheesecake. 
As for today, today I am being laze, like, still-in-my-pajamas-on-the-couch-watching-glee-episodes-online lazy. Soaking up my last couple days before my summer classes start. 

p.s. That bottle of wine is from a winery in our hometown. Just reppin' the Bay. 

*Who made up the rule that you get less points for an A-? It's a stupid rule. A rule that kept me from a 4.0 this semester. Rude. 


  1. Congrats on your A! An A is an A is an A I say! And I love those mason jars!

  2. Thanks lovely! The mason jar lanterns were decorations at our wedding, i love them :)