10 May, 2011

p.s. I made this

The other day Dan picked up two handfuls of jewelry that had been lying in various places all over the house and said: "Here, I don't know where they go but they've been out here for about two weeks." The reason he didn't know where they went is because they didn't have a specific place to go. I usually just pile my jewelry on a shelf, waiting for the day when I would recreate the jewelry frame I found in a Real Simple issue... like a year ago. Well, now seemed like the perfect time to make it. The insect pins are on their way from Amazon but I couldn't resist putting up pictures! I kinda love it. Now all I need is a Greek bust. 

Wanna make your own? 

Here's what you need:
1 Foam Core board (I just got a presentation board from OfficeMax)
Velvet Fabric
A Frame (I used an 18x24)
Insect Pins (You can order them on Amazon)

Here's how I did it:
Cut your foam board to the size you need. I just used scissors -- it didn't look perfect but you are covering the thing, don't worry. Pull the fabric taut around the front of the board and secure in the back. I was going to staple the fabric onto the back but I couldn't find our stapler so instead I used duck tape (classy, no?) but can you tell? Neither can I. Remove the glass and cardboard from the frame and insert your velvet covered board. Place pins wherever and accessorize with your fabulous jewelry. And voila, you're done! Easy huh? Send me a link if you re-create it, I want to see!


  1. Da hubz would totes be happy to see me making one of these lol Somehow my jewelrey ends up everywhere! Hmmm methinks weekend project!

  2. Right? Ya, Dan will be so stoked when the jewelry is actually in it's new home :) Let me know if you end up doing it!