08 June, 2011

brown-eyed girl

In response to my sister's post
Because I think that what I was put through was way worse. And public. :)

My mother is a fabulous musician. She's played the guitar since she was twelve and has this great voice to go with it. As children she had us listening to everything from The Beatles to Jackson Browne, Ten Thousand Maniacs to Fleetwood Mac, Ricky Nelson to Van Morrison. And yes, of course, I sang along with her. And I was dang cute doing it! My mom knows the words to every song and she loves to change them. Little did I know that as a child there were many songs I learned with minor tweaks in lyrics courtesy of my darling mother. 
Case in point: I was on the road with my high-comp softball team one summer. We were in Oregon playing for the weekend and many parents went but mine weren't able to. So, one of the family's of another girl adopted me -- I was in their hotel room and they made sure I got to and from the games. We were driving in the car with the radio playing, singing along with the oldies, when good ole' Van Morrison comes through the speakers with that famous intro that lets every listener know they are in for a good one. Of course, everyone knows the word to this song and as soon as the lyrics start we join in. Loudly. Everyone can hear me. And I'm singing the lyrics I know so well: 
"Hey there amigo, days when the rains came, down in the hollow, playin' a new game..." 
My teammate turns to me and asks "what did you say? Hey there amigo?!?"
My face turns that bright red that only adolescent embarrassment can produce as everyone in the car starts singing the song with the new lyrics. (And all I was thinking is: "wait, what are the real lyrics?) And believe me, no one forgot my little slip. Anytime I came by: Well, hey there amigo! 
Thanks mom. You coulda warned me. Do you know how many songs I've sifted through over the years to make sure I was singing the right thing? Too many. Good thing I love you. 

And, here are a few amigos that I am super excited to see this weekend!!


  1. This one made me laugh :) Love you, can't wait for FRIDAY!!! <3

  2. LOVE YOU!! See you tomorrow morning :)