14 June, 2011

the city.

Is it odd that we refer to San Francisco as the city? If you live in the Bay Area and say: "We're going into the city," everyone would know which city you meant. Not Oakland, not San Jose, not Walnut Creek. These cities are all nice. But the city is San Francisco. And it's fabulous. 
While I was in town my parents took us into the city for breakfast at the farmers market at Pier 1. I had never been to the farmers market in SF and oh my goodness, talk about yummy overload. If you are ever in the city over a weekend, go on Saturday morning. You won't be disappointed. And if you see a booth offering Red Wine and Cherry Scones, buy one. And savor it. 



  1. Brandilyn HaynesJune 14, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    a few weeks ago a guy in one of my classes said he was from "san fran." i said, "no you're not." and he was like, "why do you say that?" and i said, "because people from the bay area would never call it san fran." and he said, "well, i lived there for a couple months..." yeah. it's the city. 

  2. perfect. i love that you called him on it lol.