02 June, 2011


My legs, specifically my buttox region, are so sore today. I have to take PE as part of the university requirements and apparently the bowling/yoga/salsa dancing I did at community college didn't quite count. I'm not blaming them, North Carolina is the 10th most obese state in the country, and I am all for educating the population on exercise and healthy eating (of which I do one regularly, and it's not the healthy eating one) but I feel as though I should be exempt. I mean, I'm from California and if we haven't perfected the obsession with fitness and tofu (I've never tried it) than I don't know who has. All that to say, yesterday we were supposed to do Yoga, because this is a yoga and strength training PE class (which I already did, need I remind you), unfortunately we were unable to because the gym was being painted. So instead we got to run a few laps around the basketball stadium and then run the bleachers. Up and down. My booty hates me a little. It didn't let me sleep last night. Brutal. But I guess, if pain is gain, than I am going to be a big winner. 


  1. is that your teeny wasit in that picture?! dannnnng girl, you look good! and you should totally be exempt. and i have an awesome moo shu tofu recipe you should try. aaand thank you for cheering me up today. you're hilarious and i love you.

  2. my dear, i will happily cheer you up anytime. preferably in person.