16 June, 2011

That Anne-girl

It's supposed to rain today; I will never get used to the summer downpours. I like my summers dry and 104˚ if you please. The torrents have yet to appear, but in preparation for the shower I am reading in bed -- the only proper response to this act of nature. I have been re-reading the Anne series and can't stop. Although, part of me fully believes that if Anne knew I was reading her stories on a Kindle she would say it had "Little scope for the imagination," and also, "What is a Kindle?" As I read through the series I find myself falling in love with Anne and Gilbert all over again. Not only that, but I've found that my Daniel reminds me of Gilbert. And I don't think I am imagining things either. Gilbert patiently waited for Anne to come around, Dan patiently waited for me. Their romance sprung out of friendship, and ours did as well. Dan even throws a quote in conversation when appropriate, though his tend to be less poetry and more Star Trek, which I find adorable. All we need is a walk down Lovers Lane and a view of the Lake of Shining Waters and we'll be set. For now we settle for our little turtle pond and the path around Hugh McRae Park. 

p.s. I think every guy should take some pointers from Gilbert, and that means you, 10-year old boy at the basketball clinic who hit on me today -- Anne Shirley would certainly never stand for that. 


  1. Hello, dearest. Yours reminded me of mine, penned Aug. 12, 2005, just shy of a my first anniversary with Jonathan. Familiar? http://thegirlbehindthereddoor.com/2005/08/gilbert-blythe.html
    Looking forward to our conversation tomorrow (as I always do). Love, G

  2. Virgnie's CinemaJune 16, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    Oh my! How I love Anne! I decided in the fifth grade that I was going to study literature solely based in my love for Anne! I always felt she was my friend and like I have really spent Summers in Prince Edward Island...

    You have inspired me to read the whole series again :)

    Maybe even watch the tv movies with Megan Follow!

    Virginie ♥

  3. I want to spend a summer on PEI!!