24 June, 2011

thrifty finds

Except, it was antique-ing which, as we all know, is way more expensive than thrifting. When my in-laws came out a couple months ago, Lisa and I went to a few antique stores and ever since I've wanted to go back and explore. There is a huge antique community out here that I haven't noticed as much on the West Coast, probably because the East Coast has way more history than the West Coast and therefore more old stuff. I went to a few shops today looking for some type of trunk or chest that I could store blankets in since we have zero closet space. This proved difficult since, as previously stated, antique shops tend to be expensive. 
And then I found that beauty. He was residing in an old church turned antique store. He was hidden under tons of knick-knacks and stowed behind an old rocking horse. I fell in love. It's blue and distressed. It traveled the Cunard Line. It's huge. And it's just beautiful. Best part? A good $50-100 cheaper than other trunks/chests that I have found that were smaller. I was actually expecting to find an old wooden trunk, and there were some fabulous ones, but this steamer trunk has my heart. 

p.s. I am considering changing my name to match the initials of the original owner. Suggestions are welcome. 

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