30 August, 2011


I am about a week into the new semester. You would think I was two months in judging by the minor meltdown I had the other day when my printer refused to print two-sided (didn't it understand I was trying to save the world by using less paper?!) and then decided not feed paper through at all. 
Commence tears and acts of aggression towards the printer. 

I think I was just overwhelmed by all the reading I have to do this semester. Six classes worth of reading. The good news is, all the classes are interesting. Well, all the history classes are interesting. That one creative writing class I am taking is going to be a crack up. Because, as my history professor said, 

"When asked to journal History students tend to freak out. They aren't used to writing down their thoughts.

We have it drilled into our heads that we should write facts and leave our opinions to ourselves. History is not theory. At least not as an undergrad. So anyway, after the freak out I ran over to OfficeMax to get some organization supplies, namely, a planner.  And boy, does it feel so good crossing to-do items off. Seriously, after reading two of my assignments and crossing them off the list. I just sat there, in the school library, looking pretty pleased with myself. Admiring that line, hovering over the title which I will never have to read again. Bliss.


  1. i cannot stress enough how much you have GOT that creative writing class. umm hellloooo who is your bff? me. just text me when you need a writing prompt, or email me stuff to proofread, and have fun!! writing is all about fun. honestly, do you think *i* would study something boring? also, you're one of the smartest, most brilliant, courageous women i know. you've got this semester on lock down.

  2. Ahhh, crossing things off feels oh so good. 

  3. alright. i'll trust you. but only this once.

  4. doesn't it thought? pure joy :)