16 September, 2011


I have been trying to eat healthier (you know, minimize the cheez-it intake increase the fruit intake -- I'll let you know how that works out) 
And in order to help my achieve this goal I bought myself a nifty little lunch box. And, yep, it's for kids. But it holds more than enough to get me through the school day. Which is awesome because I always get hungry during class and then sprint to the closest vending machine I can find. Which is as cost effective as it is nutritional and we all know the nutritional value of Strawberry Pop-Tarts is... not important. 
So, all this week I have been packing my little lunch in the morning and taking it to school in my little book bag. And yesterday, my professor was eyeing it. And I think a little coveting was happening. Lunch box envy. 
And I don't blame him. This guy makes personal little picnics on perfect days like these all the easier. 
I love when money feels well spent. 

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