20 September, 2011


That is what my face looked like when I walked out Morton Hall and had to quickly make the decision to wait it out or brave the torrential downpour and run to my next class. The classroom that is approximately half a mile away. Without an umbrella. 
I learned something about myself today. 
Turns out I am a scaredy- cat. 
Because here I am, sitting in Morton Hall. Not in class. 
The ONE day I don't lug my umbrella around with me is the one day Wilmington decides to make good on its promise of 50% chance of precipitation. 
"And then the skies opened up and God said, 'I hate you Alfalfa." 
I hate missing class. But apparently not as much as I hate walking around in drenched jeans. 


  1. haha i adore the rain (i keep begging david to job hunt in the northeast) but i feel ya pain on the drenched jeans. wet jeans are the worst. they chafe. 

  2. Ya, i don't hate the rain anymore (I've officially changed my position to hating humidity) but I don't like being caught unprepared. Only I was caught unprepared, just caught absentminded. laaaame.