19 January, 2012

"things change...

...bread molds... people die..."
If you haven't seen Get Over It get on that, stat. 
Speaking of these changing. I just watched season seven of The Office (I kinda gave up on it after season four so I've been catching up) and Michael left. I cried. Dan thought I was crazy. He was just going to leave without anyone knowing! 
We also switched up dinnerware. I think we're past our plastic phase, but I'm keeping the plastic just in case because I'm kinda scared to use the new ones. But aren't they pretty! I wanted to have a dinner party the minute I pulled them out of the box. 

1 comment:

  1. ooh, invite me! i want to come to your dinner party! your new 'ware is so pretty, i love it. don't you love grown-up purchases??! our first real, brand-new (non-thrift store) couch came today. i can't wait to open the box.