11 January, 2012

vets are like doctors; no one likes to see them.

I thought the view was rather zen-like, Athena didn't agree. 
Here is my cat-ladyness coming out to play. Although, in real life, I enjoy dogs much more. But I think only a cruel person wouldn't love the pets in their possession and so love Athena and Houston I do. Athena was sick (I'll spare you the details as to how we knew that) and I got to take her to the vet. We had never taken her before -- she had all her shots/operations when we got her -- so I was interested to see how she'd react. Houston got waaay more loving when I took him to the vet; he wouldn't stop clinging to me. Is it slightly sadistic that I was hoping that Athena would be so scared that she would jump in my lap and purr at me to never let her go? Probably, but that didn't happen. She was fine, a little nervous, but fine. 
And then the vets came in. And she didn't want anybody, least of all me, anywhere close. She ran to the safe corner underneath a chair and the vet assistant had to grab her by the scruff (of which, she has so little) and practically pin her to the examining table. It's really bad how poorly I took this. And then they brought out the needle, she was due on her rabies shot, and I almost died. Poor thing. I was no help. 
I hate needles. Seriously, when I was nine my mom took me to the doctor to get some shots (it was probably a shot but in my memory it was ten. TEN SHOTS.) They got me set up at the little kiosk where the woman at Kaiser would stick me. My arm was on the table, my mom was trying to focus my attention on her, but then I saw the needle. And I ran. I ran down the hall so fast. I'm not sure where I thought I could go but anywhere seemed better than my own personal hell with needles. Mom was not pleased. 
Anyway, Athena did not have the luxury of running away though I'm pretty sure the fight, in lieu of flight, instinct was coming out judging by the way her mouth was twitching and her nails were protruding out of her paws. It was funny because I had just read this and I realized what a train-wreck of a mom I will be if I am on the brink of tears watching my cat get a shot. I think I'll stick with cats for the time being. 

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