09 February, 2012

P.S. I made this: Floor Pillows

You're probably thinking, "Those just look like big pillows," and... you're right. And they're comfy. We don't have a whole lot of seating in our living room (plus our couch is horrendously uncomfortable - thanks craigslist) so when I found this tutorial to make big ole floor pillows I jumped on it. 

When people come over we generally eat around the coffee table (actually, just in everyday life we eat around the coffee table) and these pillows make it comfortable and cozy. I also kinda copied the fabric choices except I wish I had some of that awesome mud print fabric. 

Mine don't look very square-boxy but that's alright. I've gotten into the habit of laying them over the couch cushions that sink down into the abyss, which makes couch lounging way more enjoyable. 

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