25 April, 2012

a little formality

Last Saturday I went to my SAO formal (oh wait, did I tell you I joined a Christian sorority last semester? Well, now you know.) 
Dan was out in LA for a family memorial service so I went with a girlfriend. 
It was a'ight. The venue was sweet. There was food involved. And I got to wear this banging dress that Dan bought me for my birthday. 
AND he picked it out himself. Boy's got taste. 

He was missed, but I got my groove on with the girls while he got to hang out with family he hasn't seen in a while.
But I sent him a little picture text so he knew what he was missing ;)
Also, to help me decide between two pairs of shoes. 
(We chose black)


  1. Love the dress. What a catch in a boy who has such good fashion sense!

    A Refreshed Take Off