17 May, 2012

Proof that I Graduated (or at least photos of me in a cap and gown.)

We went to the small graduation ceremony that was just for the history department, and it was perfect.
They had little things to say about each of us (Apparently, I am tough on professors and ask really intelligent questions - but don't take my word on it; ask my professors), and the whole thing was really sweet. 

Being a transfer student I have felt that I was actually closer to my professors than I was to any of my fellow students. I was really blessed to have some solid, extremely intelligent men and women to learn from. In the 18 months that I went to UNCW I kept taking classes from the same professors because they were just really great. 

I talked to each one individually for at different times different reasons and they all listened well and encouraged me in my process. They believed in me, and I felt that. They helped me accomplish this.

It was bittersweet when I accepted my non-diploma-"congratulations-from-the-history-department"-paper. They were all there - the people who had impacted me so greatly in such a short amount of time. They are all so dear to me, and I'll never forget them. 


  1. oh i just love this. i love how proud dan looks of his smoking hot college graduate wife! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! you are amazing!

    1. Thanks, Bran!! Dan keeps saying he's proud of me and it makes me happy every time! Love you!