13 September, 2012

West Coast: Portland

I spent about 22 hours in travel - first I flew from Wilmington to San Francisco and then I got in a car with my mom and sister to drive 10 hours up to Portland, OR to see my older sister (Jennie, . It was so worth it to get tot spend time with all my sisters.

Here is a photo dump from that part of the trip.


  1. ooh this made me teary, only because i know how much you love your sisters and how hard it is to say good-bye to people you love when a trip is over and how fast it seems to go by. but..everything makes me cry these days. my baby's 5 months old and i'm still a weepy disaster. these pictures are really cute and the two little herringtons are SO SO grown-up and all four of you are so so pretty!!!

    1. Bran, it was so good! And, aren't the littles frustratingly beautiful?! ;)