30 October, 2012

A Pumpkin Patch Post

Every year (all three) we say, "We should dress up for Halloween." But then no one we know does a party and if you dress up in cool costumes but no one saw it did it really happen? This year is pretty much the same so we decided we'd carve pumpkins and watch scary movies on the 31st. Possibly with a couple friends, possibly without.

The pumpkin picking process took approximately 10 minutes. Then we tried to go to a food truck that serves award winning pulled pork (the one thing I truly adore about the south) but they were closed. So we went to a restaurant and had their pulled pork - it had not won any awards.

In other news, Dan had an interview yesterday. We are praying so hard for Dan to make it to the next round. It would just solve a lot of our problems, like, where are we going next? And, where should I apply to Law School?

I hope you all have a fun Halloween!

p.s. I lift those pumpkins like nobodies business. Yea, P90X! I am beefcake.

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