21 November, 2012

Welcome to the working week.

{at least the restaurant is pretty to look at}
The next three days are going to be rough. Starting at 11:30 tomorrow night (yep, Thanksgiving) I get to work about 26 hours in the span of about two days. Black Friday sucks, yo. Don't participate. I urge you. 

In light of the busy days ahead of me I'll share some of my funny and not so funny recent moments in the retail and service industry. 

Not so Funny:
1. Convincing a customer to apply for a credit card ("15% off! It'll take two minutes, promise!" yuck) and then proceeding to forget to apply the 15% off and spending the next 15 minutes correcting the issue and then doing it wrong. All the while a huge line is forming and I'm about to cry because the customer had somewhere to be and I had convinced them to do it. I hate company standards and the fact that I have to push credit cards on people. 
2. A coworker that I work with at the restaurant has gotten in the habit of touching me. Nothing overtly inappropriate - touching my arm or back when he has something to say - but for some reason it makes me uncomfortable. I keep searching for the right way to say, "STOP TOUCHING ME," but everything I come up with sounds bitchy. Help?
3. Working working from 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. this Friday. 

1. This adorable 4-year old girl was shopping with her mom. I came over to open a dressing room and here's how our convo went down:
Me: "So sorry about that wait. Here you go." (I open the door and put their things in)
4-year old: "Thank you very much."
Me: "You're welcome."
4-year old: "We are just gah-lighted."
Mom: (whispers) "De-lighted."
4-year old: "Oh, we are just de-lighted"
Seriously, I wish I could've recorded it - she was hilarious. 

It's a good thing Dan makes me laugh as much as he does. Not many funny things happen in my line of work. 

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  1. i had an awkward situation with the touching--right after i got married i ran into a guy i'd been friends with before david and i ever started dating. the whole time we talked he kept leaning in super close and putting his hand on my shoulder/arm. i kept backing up and he kept stepping forward and it was this super awkward tango. i have no solution, but i do feel your pain. maybe just be like, "heh, heh, watch it, my husband's a military man and he'll kick your butt if he sees that!! i'm just kidding. mostly." and then the next day wear a huge pin with a pic of dan's face that says, "MY HEART BELONGS TO DAN!!" i think if you go with my impulse and reverse it, we may be onto something.