14 February, 2013

Valentines Day & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It's Valentines Day and Dan is gone (to an interview; cross your fingers!). It's not that big a deal since we don't celebrate Valentine's hugely over here. Dan's birthday is January 31 and mine is February 19 (almost here!!!) so it's gets kinda lost between those festivities. However, my lack of personal Valentines traditions does not preclude me from falling victim to the overwhelmingly addictive chocolate covered strawberry. I, no joke, ask Dan for these year round. 

"Hey babe, wanna get me some chocolate covered strawberries?" I ask. 

"It's October fifth," he replies. 

Whatever that means. One day he did bring home a bunch of strawberries and some chocolate dipping sauce. That was a fantastic and messy evening. 

I asked him the other night, "Will you order me some chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered on Valentines Day when you're gone?" 

I understand I could've just as easily placed the order myself but they cost, on average, $5 per strawberry. I am not going to spend such obscene amounts of money on myself. But I'll let Dan do it. If he wants to. 

He didn't. Whatever. So, I went to the store and bought all the stuff I needed to make them myself. How's that for industrious? Not really. They are super easy to make. Here's the recipe (if you can even call it that.)

3 oz. Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Chips 
1.5 oz. Ghiradelli White Chocolate Chips
2.5 tsp shortening

Fill two pots with a cup or two of water; heat water until simmering (you can do it in phases if you don't have enough small pots just do the milk chocolate first). Turn the heat on lo or off.

Put the milk chocolate chips along with 1.5 tsp of shortening, and the white chocolate chips along with 1 tsp of shortening into separate heat resistant bowls (I used pyrex and porcelain). Put the bowls over the water and melt while stirring a bit. 

Once the chocolate is melted take it off the pot. Dip strawberry into the chocolate. I eventually took off the stems and used toothpicks to help make the task easier. Let excess chocolate drip back into the pot and then set on parchment paper to dry. Repeat with the rest of the strawberries. 

Use the white chocolate to decorate. You can use a fork to drizzle chocolate over the strawberries (as you can see that worked out tragically for me). I used a toothpick to decorate them with the white chocolate. It took a bit longer but they ended looking better that way.

Let them cool and set for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

If you look at them out of focus they look MUCH better, yes?

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  1. Oh, these look great. About 100x better than mine turned out.