21 March, 2013

A surprise tea party.

Grams had a birthday this past week and to celebrate my aunt planned a surprise tea party. I was in charge of distraction. Since I get distracted easily this was the perfect task for me. I took Grandma out for breakfast at a cute little bakery downtown and then we went shopping - which is pretty much what we do best.

The hard part was getting her back to the house. We were supposed to have lunch - I said that sandwiches at home sounded perfect but she wanted to go out, of course. So then I had to text in backup. I had my cousin call me and invite herself to lunch with us so we would "need" to pick her up - we are so very environmentally conscious.

It worked. We finally get on the road back to the house and with a bit of tricky manipulating I get her to come into the house and she was definitely surprised when she saw everyone there.

It was such a fun afternoon and the food was so good (pastries from Whole Foods are awesome, who knew?). It was so cool to be in town for this since I have generally missed out on these occasions being on the east coast for the past 3 years.

Happy Birthday, Gram! We love you!

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  1. Hahaha the kid's table is cracking me up for some reason. Happy birthday, Gram! I'm so glad you guys were able to surprise her and have such a fun day. It looks like everything was beautiful--the guests included!