01 March, 2013

Slow ride, take it easy.

Hello from highway twenty west! It's six o'clock in the am and we've been up since four-thirty. It's hard to sleep when your sketchy motel has a prostitution shop running upstairs. We high-tailed it out of Shreveport, LA just happy our cars weren't busted in when we woke up. Daily blessings, you know?

Yesterday was a seventeen-hour day in the car. Dan's been a champ driving the truck while towing my car. I just sit next to him looking pretty and eating banana nut bread. We've got a good thing going, I think.

The cats are holding up as well as can be expected. Both have become serious cuddlers over the past twenty-four hours. I'm not complaining.

Here we come New Mexico! Roswell or bust!

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