09 March, 2014

We always feel better driving west.

I bought a wine tasting deal on one of those social sites a couple months ago and, since I didn't do anything for Spring Break, we decided to take the day on Saturday and make the trek. It felt so good to get off the main roads and see some of Virginia's country. We daydreamed about living out in the middle of nowhere. We felt the peace of quiet and realized it had been too long since we had found our way out of the city. We live in Arlington but most days it just feels like an extension of D.C.

Somedays I just want to quit school and buy a ranch and farm something. The feeling is usually fleeting, though I know that someday we'll have a big tract of land with a small house and a fireplace. We'll have three dogs and a 15 farm cats. Someday.

For now we just enjoy getting out there every once in a while and when there is in the general westward direction we feel like we're going home - we joke that it would take us just three days to get to California, but I don't think we're really joking.

This vineyard was surrounded by hills and mountains. It's tucked in its own little valley which we're told gives the european varietal a good chance to grow. Thank god for that because the muscadine grapes of the south are just too sweet for our liking.

I love watching Dan in situations like this, like wine tasting. Dan is an interesting combination of introverted and extroverted. It takes him a while to warm up to a person he'll see frequently as if he's cautiously trying to determine what kind of relationship they'll have, but strangers? Oh man, strangers beware. Dan will talk your ear off and chat with you as though you are friends from grade school. He is never at a loss for questions or stories and he makes the whole place feel like the bar in Cheers.

It's one of the reasons traveling with Dan is so fun - he has the worst luck with airlines (his flights always get delayed) but he makes friends with everyone at the bar and we are never without people to talk to while we wait for our plane.

I always have fun when he's around and this weekend of wine and country was so needed. Thanks, Virginia.

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