23 June, 2014

An anniversary in Annapolis {and other alliterations}

^^^ You know how when hand your camera over to someone after you ask them to take a picture. And then you get the camera back? I've taken to not looking at the photos they've taken until a few minutes later. I know I am going to be disappointed. It's not that I am so great a picture-taker, but I generally know how to frame a group, right? I didn't think that was an acquired skill.

Really, I should just be grateful that the stranger took the picture, and I am, otherwise Dan and I would have only solo photos for the day and on our anniversary that just doesn't sit well. I mean, a little basic iPhoto editing and we're all good, right? Right. Memory documented.

Dan commented in passing that I don't take as many pictures as I used to. He sounded a bit too cheerful about that, if you ask me. But, he's right. It's nice to just enjoy the time together and not think too much about snapping the perfect shot. Who is that for anyway?

It is my year again to plan our celebration so we took a little day trip down to Annapolis. We had so much fun walking around the quiet little town. Maybe it's not so small but compared to the loud hustle and bustle of the D.C. area we were so happy to just sit and listen to waves lapping against the dock and meander through the flea market and sort through the antiques.

We drank and ate our way through that little military town. Those clams. Those clams casino. And the pizza. I found that little place on Sosh App. If I'm being honest, we went to Annapolis because Sosh told me that pizza was the shit. And I was not disappointed. We shared the Spotted Pig, with wild boar meatballs and spicy sopressata. Fantastic doesn't begin to describe it. Just an all around great food day.

In order to tour the Annapolis Naval Academy museum, visitors have to go through security; pretty standard for any kind of military base. As we neared the front we heard one of the guards requesting that any current and retired military should just come right through. So, Dan takes his id out of his wallet and heads to the front. The young man looks at Dan's card, stands up a little straighter, and salutes Dan. I hadn't seen that happen to him in over a year and nostalgia swept over me.

We talked about it as we walked through the museum, how, surprisingly, we miss the military a little bit.

It's been four years and we still love to talk to each other. We love hanging out with each other. We're chalking that up as a win.


  1. Dude, I love that Dan's a military guy. It just WORKS for him, and for you to be paired with him. I think you two are the most handsome couple ever. I love you and love seeing you in love and just happy anniversary Rach, okay?

  2. Thanks, Bran!! I love YOU and wish I saw you more often :)