03 September, 2010


I don't think I have a healthy acknowledgment of hurricanes. It is probably because up until a few days ago hurricane warnings didn't mean much to me. Being a California girl the occasional tremor from an earthquake was the worst I got and even then I was just excited that I felt it. Earl has been on the news for a few days now and had I been in North Carolina I probably would've paid more attention but since I'm "safe" up here in Rhode Island I didn't take much notice (I know, I'm a terrible humanitarian). I was pretty geared up to just ignore the whole thing until this morning. I woke up to get ready for the gym and I see a note on the table from Dan. He's just letting me know it's going to rain a few inches and there is rumor of power outages, so would I get some bottled water and a few dvd's to watch on the laptop tonight? Well, evidently this hurricane is going to affect me more than I thought. I walk over to the gym and take my place on some stationary exercise equipment and watch the news. The hurricane is on every channel, AND they are showing footage of previous hurricanes that hit the east coast and their effects. Apparently this happens every year. Apparently there are seasons for hurricanes. People are scared of earthquakes? California has a big, destructive earthquake every 80 years or so and there is no such thing as earthquake season. To be honest, I'm actually pretty excited to experience my first hurricane. Don't get me wrong -- I'll take earthquakes over hurricanes any day. ;)

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