20 September, 2010

My Changing, Evolving, Family Dynamic

My family has always been pretty close but as my wedding day drew near my heart began to break for the approaching moment when I would leave them to start a new life with my love, Daniel. The time was bittersweet. The trips into my moms room and into the safety of her bed became more frequent in those last few months. Sometimes I would come crying, stressed out of my mind about the wedding and other times I would just come to quietly sit next to her and spend time. My dad has been working in Nevada during the week so I would make sure that during the weekend I would spend time curled up on the couch next to himwatching our favorites movies. I'm 22 and it is completely natural, normal, and right for a woman of my age to leave the comfort of her parents home and start her own adventure -- it still hurt to think about. Moving across the country was going to be difficult, that three hour time difference may not seem like much but it takes a huge toll on communication. I have missed my parents and my sisters more than I can say. Dan has been amazing through all of this time, being a seasoned veteran living on his own since he was 18, he has held me when I've felt lonely and listened to me when I need to talk.
My parents came east to visit Dan and me last week; it helps that we're currently stationed in a super interesting part of the country. While poor Dan was in school Dad, Mom, and I went galavanting around Boston, Newport, and Manhattan. It was a much needed visit -- I even enjoyed (and laughed at!) all the puns and jokes that come along with Brian and Lisa Herrington. We had a fabulous time and when the four of us got to have dinner together, or take a sunset sailing voyage, or sight see in New York, it was such a blessing. Our time together was comfortable, familiar, and fun. We made some great memories. When it came time to part ways, that familiar ache returned. It was hard to say goodbye again. My parents have given me so much and have loved me unconditionally. This trip was a gift from God --

exactly what I needed at just the right time.

As for the amazing times we had, here are a few of my favorites:

1. Getting a glimpse of Fenway Park
2. Our sunset sail around Newport harbor
3. Our amazing apartment rental in the upper west side (we're so hip)
4. Mastering the art of the N.Y. subway
5. The first sight of Times Square all lit up
6. The feast of San Gennaro in little Italy (somewhat like an Italian carnival -- amazing food)
7. Seeing a Broadway show (however disappointing the performance was)
8. Taking in a Mets baseball game (The Yankees were out of town, but the Mets new stadium is pretty awesome)
9. Strolling through Central Park
10. New York Cheesecake = Heavenly

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  1. Rachie,That was beautiful it was so nice to see you had a great time and so much to see and so much to say..
    Love you grams