28 November, 2010

Christmas Time

Christmas is so soon!!!  Today we went to check out the Mayfaire Polar Express Train in Wilmington's Winter Wonderland and when the train turned out to be kid-sized, Dan proposed that we get a Christmas Tree (which involved a few stops because we didn't previously own a stand, lights, or ornaments), and then he proceeded to set it all up (because I don't really know how), and I even convinced Dan to sit through a minor photo session to commemorate out first Christmas together. I'm flying out to Livermore in two weeks and he follows a few days after that so this tree was more for my benefit than for a traditional Christmas morning. I love the smell of Christmas trees; I love the small, golden lights that glow in the living room when all the main lights are turned off. It's just a small tree but it's so sweet and it serves it's Christmas purpose -- anyone else think of the Friends episode where Phoebe finds out that the unsold Christmas trees end up in the chipper? "Why do I have a feeling that's not as happy as it sounds?" Anyway, we're spending Christmas in California so there probably won't be any presents under this tree but just the sight of it makes me happy. It also brings back a few Christmas memories that I'd be all too happy to share.*
Memory One:
Julia and I used to get American Girl Doll Magazines once a month. We would pour over each page, oohing and ahhing over the pretty clothes and accessories that would go with the doll that we dreamed of getting each Christmas. I'm sure we got great presents every year but we never got our American Girl Dolls, I think I wanted Samantha and she wanted Felicity. A few Christmas' later, when we are too old to want or play with these dolls, we wake up with our two little sisters and open our presents. Jennie and Annie opened up American Girl Dolls and among our various gifts, Julia and I received American Girl Doll figurines. Jennie and Annie played with their dolls for maybe a day -- Jules and I were appalled, they barely even knew what an American Girl Doll was, and what the heck were we going to do with figurines? 
Parents: 1, Jules and Rach: 0
Memory Two:
Last year Jules moved back home shortly before Christmas and she needed a dresser and a bookshelf for all the clothes and books she brought home. My mom was in between checks so I fronted Jules the money for her Ikea furniture. I was planning a trip to see Dan in January so I told my mom to just put the money towards my flight and we'll call it even. Christmas morning arrives and Jules and I are in the bathroom before present opening time and my mom comes in and say, "Okay, so we're good on Christmas right? Jules, you got the furniture, and Rach, you got the flight." Jules nodded and I said, "Oh... yeah, okay," slightly confused. "What's wrong?" mom asked. "Well, didn't I give you the money for Julia's furniture? So, I'm getting reimbursed for my Christmas present?" My mom was mortified, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I had it worked out in my head... and..." My mom felt so bad, but I thought it was funny. She quickly decided she would just give me money to use as I wanted, which was fine with me! Then we get downstairs for everyone to look through their stockings and the rest of the family to open their presents. I sort through my stocking and realize, the wallet I was given as a stocking stuffer was the same wallet I already owned. Then Annie passed out her hand-drawn Christmas cards, while everyone read their cards I opened mine to see that Annie had forgotten to write in my card. If I had been 12 years old, this might have had a severe impact on my emotional growth. 

*Disclaimer: I sincerely tell these stories with a humorous heart, don't worry, I'm not bitter. 


  1. :) I'm sure all the x-mas music you hear at work must be putting you in the holiday mood.

  2. Seriously! I've heard every version of "Last Christmas" every done.

  3. My favs are "Baby it's cold outside" and "Santa Baby"....of course Mariah's "All I want for Christmas" is also a classic!

  4. :) I'm sure all the x-mas music you hear at work must be putting you in the holiday mood.