06 November, 2010

DIY: Rug

Furnishing and decorating your own home sounds so exciting until you realize what the saying "not made of money" means. EVERYTHING is expensive so I've been looking into Do It Yourself (DIY) projects to spruce up our house. Eventually I am going to make a headboard for our room because it just needs something but it'll end up costing me about $200 dollars so I'm going to wait til our next paycheck or maybe after the holidays. I love DIY projects and I had my first experience with the wedding when, with the help of my aunt, I made these lanterns:

Cute, right?
I was so excited about DIY projects that I found one to make a rug for our living room seen here (I love the colors she uses but I couldn't find those rugs!). We have beige carpet and white-ish walls and I want color in this room. Once I put up pictures I noticed blue was a consistent theme so I went with it. I went to target to find cotton rag rugs but they cost $34 a piece and I needed three so after some looking I found cheap rag rugs (they are technically kitchen mats but if you don't tell, I won't). ANYWAY, I am going to get some new pillows for the futon couch next week so we'll have more continuity but I was just so excited to make a rug this weekend! P.S. it's my first DIY for the home project so it may look a little like a 5th grade girl scout's project but I'm proud of it.  Here are the details:

3 Blue Target Kitchen Rugs @ $4.49 each
Thing of yellow yarn from JoAnn's @ 3.49
Needles from JoAnn's (Because I didn't have any) @ $2.29
Pin cushion from JoAnn's @ $1.99
Total cost with tax = $20.40*

*A random lady gave me a coupon for 20% off while I was in the checkout at JoAnn's so it was a little cheaper with the discount. 

Here are the pictures:

It's just perfect for our coffee table!

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