19 November, 2010


Day Eighteen:
A Photo of One of Your Classes

I am not in school currently (I start in January!) so I'm getting a little creative. While I was in India I taught English to children ages 6-13 at an orphanage. I love those kids so much and I miss them terribly. They have made such an impact on my life. This is one of the kids I tutored, his name is Deepak. He is so smart, he tested into the private school that teaches English as part of the curriculum. Education is important for all countries, underdeveloped, developing, and developed -- but it is especially important to encourage education in underdeveloped and developing countries. India is an exciting country to watch as it comes into it's own in the world community.

Here are some facts and news on India:
1. Their current President is Pratibha Patil, the first female President in India, she was elected in 2007. 
2. They have approximately 1.2 billion people in their country, that's almost a 6th of the world's population!
3. Twelve members of the Indian Air Force were killed in a helicopter crash yesterday -- pray for their families. 
4. India and Pakistan have been involved in three major wars with the Kashmir Region being the major root of the problems. 
5. Hinduism, the main religion in India, has three main gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, but there are over 300,000 other deities in the religion. 

Interesting that India, a country whose track record of respecting women and their rights is unremarkable at best, has a female president; I think that is awesome. Why do you think America, where women are so empowered, has yet to elect a female Commander-in-Chief?


  1. Wow I missed a few days, whats going to happen when you start school no more bloggies. The cake looks preety good to me and I like your grocery bag saves you money not having to buy any. It sound like you have been real busy, I am sending you and jules a write up of Carolyn Pura - she is quite an amazing Lady. love you Grams Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Haha! Gram, I got 7 emails for all your attempts to comment! I can't wait to get the article, Thanks!

  3. Haha! Gram, I got 7 emails for all your attempts to comment! I can't wait to get the article, Thanks!