07 December, 2010

Good Ole' Fashioned Bedroom Makeover

Remember when you were a kid and you were bored or your room was boring and so you moved everything around to give it a new look? Maybe that was just me. Well, I did that the other day. Our room was getting just a little frustrating because we had mostly moved in but I still had two big plastic storage boxes that were acting as Dan's nightstand and clothes were still everywhere. So, I buckled down and put the full storage box in the closet and the empty storage box in the office for when we finally buckle down to organize that room, I moved my mini-chest over to Dan's side of the bed so he would have a night stand and moved my little book/storage shelf over by the window where it was more out of the way. After hanging up clothes and vacuuming, the room looked so nice and comfortable. But today. Today I got some unused wedding gifts out of the closet. In the summer it is so humid and hot we only need sheets and maybe one blanket and our needs are met in this beautiful orange quilt from Crate & Barrel that I love. 

More recently the temperatures have dropped and I freeze in the middle of the night so I brought out the queen sized down comforter and the shabby chic duvet cover that has been sitting in the closet lonely. Oh My Goodness. I love it. It totally changed the look of the room. Don't you love little makeovers? We still need a headboard and I am planning on making it once we get back from California but I just love the new look. It feels like a little cottage B&B.
I was so excited about using it that I didn't wash it so it's still wrinkly,  oops :)
Do you have any fun ideas on how to spruce up your living space?


  1. You must love that color scheme...I noticed it in your wedding colors as well....lol! I love your sense of creative flair. I wish I was more like that. Instead I stick to the same earthy tones.

  2. I do love the color scheme -- it was my sisters genius idea :) It just stuck with me