23 January, 2011

barnes & noble, beirut, and battlestar galactica

This weekend = excellent.
 And don't judge me because I watch (and like) Battlestar Galactica. It's good! It's not like Star Trek Next Gen, which I watch but don't really like all that much. Battlestar should be given a shot. Also we spent a lot of time at B&N this weekend, approximately 6.25 hours. I had a lot of reading to do and Dan, as you can see is a choice study partner. Oh yeah, and we have a beirut table (I don't call it beer pong because it makes me sound like a 15 year old throwing a party at my parents house). We. Are. Classy. 

I won both games but I OWNED the second game literally sunk more than I missed. 

He didn't look so happy after I won... ;)


  1. looks like he's got the "glow" lol!!!!