21 January, 2011


My super amazing, beautiful, chic, boutique-owning friend, Brandilyn, did the 30 for 30 challenge last fall and did it so fabulously that I just have to try! 30 for 30 is a challenge to shop in your own closet, to be happy with what you have and also to be creative with it! Here are the details: you pick 30 items out of our closet (including shoes but not including accessories and jewelry) and for the next 30 days you only wear those items -- mix 'em, match 'em, enjoy 'em. Oh, and you are not supposed to shop (for clothes) for 30 days, gasp! I'm sure Dan will be pleased about that one!  A few months ago I purged my closet of anything I hadn't worn in over a year and I am adding pieces to my wardrobe that hopefully I'll use and enjoy for a long time. This process of rebuilding is slow and I hope that the 30 for 30 challenge with help me to be content with what I do have and realize that I am super blessed in everything that I have. The challenge starts on February 1 and I am having fun/pulling out my hair trying to figure out what I want to use. Let me know if you join in on the fun! Also, is it bad that I am doing last minute shopping just in case I need something for the challenge? A pair of shoes maybe? 

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