27 January, 2011

say what?

Classmate 1: "Are you cold?"
Classmate 2: "Oh, no. My hair is just getting too long so I have this toboggan because I don't want to take care of it. Just laziness"
Me: "What did you call it?"
Classmate 2: "Laziness?"
Me: "No your hat?"
Classmate 2: "A toboggan."
Me: "Oh, I'd never heard it called that before."
Classmate 2: "What do you call it?"
Me: "A beanie."
Classmate 1: "Where are you from?"
Me: "California."
Classmates 1,2,3,4: "Oooohhh." (As if that explains it all)

I was only aware of one name for this hat. A toboggan is a sled that you pull up a hill so you can slide down, used for reckless amusement. What do you call it?! Californians am I the only one? Is everyone else aware of this alternate term for a beanie?  


  1. It's definitely a beanie. :) and I definitely love you!

  2. Love you back! thanks for confirming :)